• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

Sprinter Trueno is a compact lightweight coupe that Toyota had manufactured and sold until 2000.

AE86 type Sprinter Trueno


The above picture is Sprinter Trueno of die cast miniature car toy “Dream Tomica”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD on September 21, 2013 in Japan.

Sprinter Trueno is a sister car of Corolla Levin and was developed until the 7th generation by repeated model changes.

This miniature car toy reproduces the 4th generation Trueno (AE86 type) which is popular even now because of the last FR (Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout) system vehicle as Trueno.


In Japan, there is a manga called “Initial D” that depicts the public road race by sports cars.

Mr. Shuichi Shigeno is the original author and was serialized in the comic magazine “Weekly Young Magazine” until 2013.

The main stage of “Initial D” is a fictitious Mt.Akina modeled on the Mt.Haruna in Gumma Prefecture.

Takumi Fujiwara, the protagonist, was helping delivery of “Fujiwara Tofu shop” operated by father, Bunta Fujiwara from when he had been a junior high school student.

While he delivered the tofu with Sprinter Trueno (AE86 type) he got from his father, he also acquired extraordinary driving techniques on the mountain path of Mt.Akina.


This die cast miniature car toy is modeled on AE86 Trueno owned by Takumi Fujiwara.

Therefore, “Fujiwara Tofu shop” stickers etc. are reproduced.

The popularity of white and black high-tech 2-tone color AE86 type Trueno was further increased by the start of the comic “Initial D”.



AE86 type Sprinter Trueno Front view

AE86 type Sprinter Trueno adopted a retractable headlight.

This die cast miniature car toy reproduces the open state of the headlight and the light part is expressed in light gray color.

In addition, around the headlight is painted in black, it reproduces the atmosphere of the actual car well.


AE86 type Trueno that appears in “Initial D” changes the bonnet to carbon material on the way of comic series.

This die cast miniature car toy expresses the replaced carbon bonnet with black paint.

Moreover, it expresses the turn signal lamp with orange paint, the fog lamp with yellow paint.

Unfortunately, the white TRUENO emblem in the opening of the bumper is not reproduced.



AE86 type Sprinter Trueno Side view

Dream Tomica is a derivative model of Tomica and various vehicles such as Hello Kitty or Doraemon etc., which are different from commercial vehicles are prepared.

The suggested retail price of Dream Tomica is from 600 yen, and the price is slightly higher than the ordinary Tomica of 450 yen.

Therefore, this miniature car toy is equipped with a dedicated wheel.

It seems that it is imagining the RS Watanabe wheel of black color that was attached to AE86 Trueno owned by Takumi Fujiwara.


Some of Tomica have gimmicks such as opening doors and bonnets.

This die cast miniature car toy can open and close doors of both sides.

When opening the door you can see the interior.

A simple and stoic instrument panel shape suitable for a compact 2 door coupe has been reproduced.

Also, because the doors can open and close, there is no side glass, but big rear quarter glass is reproduced with clear resin.


Looking from the side, you can see that the white and black high-tech 2-tone color is accurately reproduced.

Also, on the right door, the sticker of “Fujiwara Tofu shop” is printed.

The sticker is finished in image which is quite close to the actual car, both in letter’s size and shape.



AE86 type Sprinter Trueno Rear view

This die cast miniature car toy reproduces the rear glass with clear resin.

The glass area is so wide that you can see the inside well.


The periphery of the rear combination lamp is painted in black by assuming the actual car, and the license plate part is expressed in light gray paint.

Unfortunately, the rear combination lamp is finished with only red paint.

Also, the emblems of the hatch gate part are not reproduced at all.



AE86 type Sprinter Trueno,  FC3S type RX-7 Infini Ⅲ, S13 type Silvia

These three miniature cars are Dream Tomica of the sports car that appeared in “Initial D”.

The white car on the right is FC3S type RX-7 Infini Ⅲ of Crystal White which was owned by Ryosuke Takahashi who was the leader of “Akagi RedSuns”.

FC3S type RX-7 Infini was a limited car with 2 seater specifications.

Because it appeared in “Initial D”, the popularity in the used car market had further increased.

Meanwhile, the light green car on the left is S13 type Silvia of Lime Green 2-tone which was owned by Koichiro Iketani who was the leader of “Akina Speed Stars”.

As soon as it made the debut, S13 type Silvia became the popular No.1 special car by transcending Honda Prelude which had gained tremendous support from young people at that time.


Unlike ordinary Tomica, the scale size is not written in the package of Dream Tomica.

The actual total length of AE86 type Trueno is 4215 mm, and the length of this miniature car toy is about 69 mm, so the scale size seems to be about 1/61.

AE86 type Sprinter Trueno Scale






Toyota Sprinter was a sister car of Corolla, and various body types such as sedan, wagon etc. were prepared.

Trueno was a sports model derived from Sprinter, which had been produced and sold until 2000.

It was a sister car sharing the chassis with Levin which was a sports model of Corolla.





Toyota had prepared a coupe model for Sprinter.

It was Sprinter Trueno that appeared as coupe’s high-performance version.

For Trueno, 2T-G type engine for CELICA 1600 GT and 2T-GR type engine of regular gas specification were prepared.



◆ THE 2ND GENERATION SPRINTER TRUENO (TE47 type, TE61 type, TE65 type) 1974-1979


As Toyota Sprinter underwent the full model change in 1974, Trueno also moved to the 2nd generation.

Due to exhaust gas regulation, there were also times when production was discontinued, the 2nd generation Trueno is divided into the previous term (TE47 type), the middle term (TE61 type), the latter term (TE65 type).





The 3rd generation Sprinter Trueno appeared in 1979.

The engine is the same 2T-G type as the conventional model, and the body shape was only 3-door hatchback.

From this model, the grade of “APEX” with extensive equipment was set.



◆ THE 4TH GENERATION SPRINTER TRUENO (AE85 type, AE86 type) 1983-1987


Toyota Sprinter underwent the full model change in May 1983 with Corolla and became the FF (Front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout) system.

However, Sprinter Trueno and Corolla Levin, which were required for driving performance, adopted the same FR (Front-engine,rear-wheel-drive layout) system as the conventional model.

As a result, the chassis of AE86 type Trueno was based on the previous TE71 type chassis, but it was significantly lighter by improvement.


In place of the conventional 2T-G type, it was newly equipped with the 4A-GE type engine which was a 1.6-liter in-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve.

This 4A-GE engine equipped vehicle is the AE86 type, it is a popular lightweight sports car even now and called “Hachiroku”.

Meanwhile, the AE85 type equipped with a 1.5-liter in-line 4-cylinder SOHC engine (3A-U type) was also available as the low-priced grade.


There were two types of body, 2 door notch back coupe and 3 door hatchback coupe.

Whereas Corolla Levin was a fixed headlight, Sprinter Trueno adopted a retractable headlight.


There were 3 grades of GT-APEX, GT-V, GT for AE86 type Trueno and Levin .

Among them, GT-APEX of the highest grade equipped with power steering and digital meter etc. as standard, boasted high popularity.

The white and black 2-tone specification car was initially set for only GT-APEX.


At the time of new car sales, as there was also a difference in sales channels, Corolla Levin was sold more than Sprinter Trueno.

Also, even in the used car market after the end of sales, Levin was more popular.

However, when black and white 2-tone AE86 Trueno appeared in “Initial D” as a car of the hero Takumi Fujiwara, the popularity increased at a stroke.

Even today, AE86 type Trueno and Levin maintain high popularity as precious light weight FR sports cars.


■ Specifications of TOYOTA SPRINTER TRUENO (AE86 type) 1983 model

[Overall length] 4,215 mm

[Overall width] 1,625 mm

[Overall height] 1,335 mm

[Vehicle weight] 940 kg

[Driving method] FR

[Engine] 1.6-liter in-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve

[Maximum output] 130 ps / 6,600 rpm

[Maximum torque] 15.2 kg ・ m / 5, 200 rpm

[Transmission] 5 speed MT



◆ THE 5TH GENERATION SPRINTER TRUENO (AE91 type, AE92 type) 1987-1991


The 5th generation Sprinter Trueno (AE91 type, AE92 type) appeared in 1987.

Like other Sprinter series, Trueno also became the FF (Front-engine,front-wheel-drive layout) system from this model.

It adopted a beautiful coupe body with 2-door notch back, and boasted high popularity.

In addition to 4A-GE engine-equipped vehicles such as GT APEX, AE92 type Trueno also had the GT-Z grade equipped with a supercharged engine (4A-GZE type).



◆ THE 6TH GENERATION SPRINTER TRUENO (AE100 type, AE101 type) 1991-1995


The 6th generation Sprinter Trueno (AE100 type, AE101 type) appeared in 1991.

As Japan was in the midst of a favorable business conditions called the bubble economy at that time, the AE101 type was quite luxurious both interior and exterior.

The 4A-GE engine mounted on “GT” or “GT APEX” evolved to 20 valves with 5 valves per cylinder (intake 3, exhaust 2), and the maximum output reached 160 ps / 7,400 rpm.

On the other hand, the 4 A-GZE engine with a supercharger remained 16 valves, but the maximum output increased to 170 ps / 6,400 rpm.



◆ THE 7TH GENERATION SPRINTER TRUENO (AE110 type, AE111 type) 1995-2000


The 7th generation Sprinter Trueno (AE110 type, AE111 type) appeared in 1995.

Compared with the AE101 type designed in the bubble economy, the AE101 type became sporty if we speak favorably, or frugally if we speak unfavorably.

GT grade was abolished, the BZ-G grade was set instead of GT APEX.

The weight of the AE111 type was about 70 kg lighter than AE101 type, and the driving performance had been improved.

However, after the collapse of the bubble economy, the popularity of sports cars had declined in Japan, and the sales of Trueno ended in 2000.

As of Sprinter itself, production of the wagon type Sprinter called Carib was ended in 2002, and it had disappeared from Toyota car’s lineup.