• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

LAMBORGHINI DIABLO SV 1996-1999 (Tomica Premium No.15)

Lamborghini Diablo is a two-seater supercar released in 1990 as a successor of Countach.   The above picture is Lamborghini Diablo SV of die cast miniature car toy “Tomica”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD on April 20, 2019 in Japan. As Tomica premium, it is Lamborghini car since Jota SVR released on October 21, …

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LAMBORGHINI JOTA SVR 1975 (Tomica Premium No.5)

Lamborghini Jota was an experimental car developed for the purpose of improving the company’s sports car Miura, which was manufactured only one unit in 1969. The original Jota had disappeared due to the accident, but a several numbers of Jota SVJ, a replica model officially recognized by Lamborghini, were produced on the basis of Miura. …

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