• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

Nissan Silvia is FR drive method sports car that had manufactured and sold from 1965 to 2002.


The above picture is Nissan Silvia of die cast miniature car toy “Dream Tomica”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD on April 20, 2019 in Japan.

This miniature car toy reproduces the fifth generation Silvia (S13 type) which had appeared in 1988.


At that time, Honda Prelude had attracted the support of young people, but with its beautiful design and good running performance, S13 type Silvia became the No.1 popular specialty car as soon as it debuted.

Even now, the popularity of S13 type Silvia is high, and even in the Tomica series, it is set to both Dream Tomica and Tomica Premium.

S13 type Silvia of Dream Tomica version reproduces the car owned by Koichiro Iketani, who appeared in the comic “Initial D”.


They are reproduced in almost the same size, but Tomica Premium uses the dedicated mold.

Tomica Premium version has a slightly rounded overall shape and is finished in a shape closer to the actual car.



S13 type NISSAN SILVIA FRONT VIEWThe actual S13 type Silvia had a projector headlight available as an option.

This miniature car toy uses clear resin for the headlight and front grille part.

Although there is no atmosphere of unique projector lights, the reproducibility of the shape is quite high.

Both ends of the clear resin are finished to orange color, and the blinker part is reproduced precisely.


However, the grille part is printed only with light gray letters of SILVIA, and differentiation with the headlights is not enough.

The finish is rough, but the whole grille part of Dream Tomica version is printed in light gray and looks more realistically.


While the bumper on Dream Tomica version are flat on both sides, Tomica Premium version reproduces the slits by the shape of die-casting.

However, the number plate part is only painted in white, and it is a poor finish as Tomica premium.

On the other hand, the license plate part of Dream Tomica version is engraved with “3917” by the shape of die-casting.

This seems to represent the mold number of Tomica version Silvia (Tomica No.6), which had been sold before, but it is finished in a slightly special feeling that is different from ordinary Tomica.



S13 type NISSAN SILVIA SIDE VIEWThe body color of this miniature car toy reproduces the “Lime green two-tone” which was set for the actual S13 type Silvia.

Two-tone color is painted properly, and the accent part of the boundary is reproduced by black line painting.

In addition, the dedicated mold is used, and the press line of the side is also accurately reproduced.

Furthermore, the grade emblem representing that it is a turbo model (K’s) is reproduced in front of the rear tire by printing.


Tomica Premium accurately reproduces the wheel shape of each car.

It seems that this miniature car toy faithfully reproduces the design of the genuine wheel, but there is not so stereoscopic feeling.


Also, some of Tomica have gimmicks such as opening doors and bonnets.

This die cast miniature car toy can open and close doors of both sides.

When opening the door, you can see the interior.

It reproduces the light gray interior of the actual S13 type Silvia at a moderate level.



S13 type NISSAN SILVIA REAR VIEWS13 type Silvia was equipped with a stylish rear combination lamp that was horizontally long.

There were orange color turn-signal lamps and clear color back lamps in the upper half, and red color stop lamps in the lower half.


This miniature car toy uses clear resin for the back lamp part and uses red color clear resin for the other part.

Unfortunately, the turn-signal part is red resin, but by adopting slits of the upper and lower divisions at the rear combination lamp, it looks like independent lamps.

Overall, it feels a bit larger than the actual rear combination lamp of S13, but the effect of using clear resin is outstanding.

The texture is greatly improved compared to Dream Tomica version which uses red paint to the rear combination lamp.


The genuine rear spoiler which adopted 3 pieces of stays is reproduced quite precisely by the shape of die-casting.

In addition, the S emblem and the letter emblem of SILVIA in the center are also printed, although it is a bit hard to see because the color is light gray.

However, the NISSAN emblem under the left rear combination lamp is omitted (printed on Dream Tomica version).

Since clear resin was adopted for the rear combination lamp, space for printing may be lost.


As with the front number plate, it is disappointing that the rear license plate is only painted in white, but the adoption of the dedicated mold has further improved the reproducibility of the bumper shape, etc.

As for the rear view, Tomica Premium version is significantly better.



The scale of this die-cast miniature car toy is 1/62, and the actual size is about 73 mm.





【About actual NISSAN SILVIA】


Silvia is a 2-door sports car that Nissan Motor had sold from 1965 to 2002.

It was manufactured up to the 7th generation model.

Especially the 5th generation, S13 type Silvia boasted high popularity because it had combined a beautiful styling with the high sports performance by FR drive method.



◆ The 1st generation NISSAN SILVIA (CSP311 type) 1965-1968


The first generation Nissan Silvia was released in April 1965 as a commercial model of “Datsun Coupe 1500” that had been exhibited at the 11th Tokyo Motor Show.

It was a beautiful 2 door coupe designed with Crisp Cut and was equipped with a 1.6-liter inline 4-cylinder engine.

However, it was not popular compared with the same Nissan sports car such as Skyline or Fairlady, and sales ended with the production of only 554 units.



◆ The 2nd generation NISSAN SILVIA (S10 type) 1975-1979


In 1975, seven years later the end of sales of the 1st generation, the 2nd generation model appeared as New Silvia.

The 2nd generation Silvia was a 2-door hard top designed with the awareness of the North American market, was equipped with a 1.8-liter inline 4-cylinder engine.

In North America, it was sold as DATSUN 200 SX and was fitted with large bumpers (known as 5 mile bumper) conforming to the safety standards of North America at the front and the rear.



◆ The 3rd generation NISSAN SILVIA (S110 type) 1979-1983


In addition to the 2-door hard top, the 3rd generation Silvia, which was also prepared 3-door fastback, appeared in 1979.

At that time, Nissan had a sales channel called “Motor Shop”, and Nissan Gazelle was ready as the sister car of Silvia to sell at “Motor Shop”.

Also, S110 Silvia was sold in North America as DATSUN 200SX like the 2nd generation.



◆ The 4th generation NISSAN SILVIA (S12 type) 1983-1988


The 4th generation Silvia adopted a retractable headlight and was released in 1983.

CA18 type of 1.8-liter and FJ20E type of 2.0-liter are prepared for the engine, and models with turbo are also ready.

From this S12 type Silvia, the export models including the North American specification were sold as NISSAN 200SX.



◆ The 5th generation NISSAN SILVIA (S13 type) 1988-1993


In Japan in the early 1980s, Honda Prelude (the 2nd generation) boasted tremendous popularity as a dating car for young people.

It was the 5th generation Silvia that took away popularity quickly from such Prelude and became the No.1 dating car among young people.

The catch phrase of S13 type Silvia was “ART FORCE SILVIA”.

S13 type Silvia, which adopted a beautiful design consistent with catch phrase, received the 1988 Good Design Grand Award.


In addition, Toyota Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno (AE86 type), which were popular as the sports model of FR drive-method at that time, underwent the full model change in 1987 and became the FF drive-method (AE92 type).

Therefore, S13 type Silvia gained support from young people even as one of the few FR drive-method sports cars.


S13 type Silvia adopted a newly developed rear multi-link suspension, and was equipped with a 1.8-liter natural aspirated engine (CA18DE type) and a turbo engine (CA18DET type).

There are three types of grade, J’s, Q’s, K’s, and K’s was equipped with a turbo engine.

S13 type Silvia underwent the minor change in 1991, the engines were changed to a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine (SR20DE type) and a turbo engine (SR20DET type).


Nissan released 180SX, the sister car of Silvia in 1989.

180SX was a fastback coupe with a hatchback, adopting a retractable headlight.

The basic structure of engine, transmission, suspension, etc. were all common with S13 type Silvia.

180SX was also changed to a 2.0-liter engine at the minor change, but the car name remained 180SX.


S13 type Silvia was exported to the European market as NISSAN 200SX.

Meanwhile, in North America, 2.4-liter engine (KA24E type) was installed, and it was sold as NISSAN 240SX.

In order to comply with the law of North American head light position, the same retractable headlight as 180SX was adopted at the front of 240SX.


■ Specifications of Nissan S13 type Silvia (1988 turbo model)

[Overall length] 4,470 mm

[Overall width] 1,690 mm

[Overall height] 1,290 mm

[Transmission] 4 speed AT / 5 speed MT

[Vehicle weight] 1,120 kg (4 speed AT), 1,140 kg (5 speed MT)

[Driving method] FR

[Engine] 1.8-liter inline 4-cylinder turbo (CA18DET type)

[Maximum power] 175 ps (129 kW) / 6,400 rpm

[Maximum torque] 23.0 kgfm (225.6 N ・ m) / 4,000 rpm



◆ The 6th generation NISSAN SILVIA (S14 type) 1993-1998


The 6th generation Silvia which diverted the S13 type platform was released in 1993.

It was equipped with the same 2.0-liter engine as the latter model of S13 type, but due to the improvement, SR20DET type turbo engine generated 220 horsepower.

However, as the body size was enlarged a little, S14 type Silvia could not gain popularity like S13 type.

S14 type Silvia was also exported, European specification was sold as 200SX, North America specification was sold as 240SX.



◆ The 7th generation NISSAN SILVIA (S15 type) 1999-2002


The 7th generation, S15 type Silvia was released in 1999.

The onboard engine was further improved, SR20DET type for MT cars generated 250 horsepower.

Furthermore, since the body size was made a little smaller than S14 type, S15 type Silvia recovered the popularity.

However, while R34 type Skyline GT-R and FD3S type RX-7 etc. disappeared due to the slump of sports cars and regulations of exhaust gas in Japan, production of S15 type Silvia also ended in 2002.