• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 is a racing car developed to compete in the SUPER GT race, based on Nissan’s highest grade sports car “GT-R”.



The above picture is Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 of die cast miniature car toy “Tomica series”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD on December 18, 2018 in Japan.


The car number is 23, but coloring is different from MOTUL AUTECH GT-R, which is driven by Toshiro Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli, and it is thought that it reproduces Nissan’s demonstration vehicle.


The demonstration vehicle of Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 had a red line under its gun-metallic color body.

The body color of this miniature car toy is matte black and there is no red underline.

So, the impression is slightly different from the actual car.

However, it has a atmosphere suitable for the racing car through the whole body.



Although NISSAN NISMO sticker and GT-R emblem are reproduced by printing, car numbers and sponsor stickers such as Michelin and MOTUL are retrofitted stickers.




Even in the state that does not put seals, it is pretty cool.

Since I might not be able to put seals well, I took a shot in advance.



NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT500 FRONT VIEWThe shaping of the front bumper and bonnet is reproduced with great precision by the die-cast mold and has a powerful impression.

The headlights is finished by silver painting same as general Tomica.


The car number sticker on the bonnet was very difficult to past because it would overlap with the air bulge.

I tried to past at a little angle according to the actual car, but did not fit well.

On the other hand, the sticker on the top of the front window could be pasted almost horizontally.



NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT500 SIDE VIEWThe huge side sill of GT-R NISMO GT500 is reproduced by the die-cast mold.

However, Michelin and MOTUL srickers on the side sill part were so small that I could not fit them well.

Also, since the aero parts are large and the vehicle height is rather low, this miniature car toy does not adopt the pseudo suspension which is familiar with other models of Tomica.


The NISSAN NISMO sticker on the roof is large and enhances the atmosphere of the racing car.

However, since the body color is matte black, you can recognize it a seal at a glance.



NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT500 INTERIORSome models of Tomica have gimmicks such as opening doors or the bonnet.

This die-cast miniature car toy can open and close the left and right doors, so the inside can be seen well.

The left-hand drive’s cockpit of GT500 machine specification is reproduced with rather precision.


What is more better is the shape of the left and right doors.

GT-R NISMO GT500 has a tail pipe under the right door.

This miniature car faithfully reproduces the actual car, and the door on the right opens except for the tail pipe part.



NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT500 REAR VIEWThe huge rear wing of GT-R NISMO GT500 is reproduced with separately molded PVC resin parts.

However, since the body color is matte black, the difference in materials is quite noticeable.

In addition, the rear wing had been protected by a paper guard at the time of packing, but it was still slightly distorted.

However, Tomica is originally a toy for children, so it can not be helped.

As it is for GT500, this rear wing wing is very large, and there is a high possibility of the children being injured if it is made of zinc alloy.


The emblems of GT-R and NISMO are reproduced fairly accurately by printing.

The reproducibility of the rear part, such as the shape of the diffuser and the bulge of the rear over fender, is also pretty good.



I think this miniature car is one of good finish models among Tomica.

I want TOMY COMPANY to release the Tomica Premium version, which reproduces all the stickers by printing, and uses clear resin for the lamp part.



The scale of this die-cast miniature car toy is 1/65, and the actual size including the rear wing is about 75 mm.





【About actual NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT500】


Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 is a racing car that is participating in SUPER GT’s GT500 class.

Nissan has been participating in the GT500 class with the GT-R based machine since 2008, in place of the previous Fairlady Z.





“GT-R concept” was exhibited at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show in 2001, and the development of GT-R was announced.

Although Nissan GT-R was a substantial successor model of Skyline GT-R, development and design were done totally separately from Skyline.

The largest in-house design public offering was held at Nissan, and the final design of the commercial model was decided based on the concept model “GT-R Prototype” exhibited at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show in 2005.

And in 2007, Nissan GT-R was launched as “New dimension multi-performance super car”.


Nissan GT-R adopted short length V6 engine to accommodate the front midship where the center of gravity position is located behind the front axle.

The 3.8-liter V-type 6-cylinder twin turbo engine (VR38DETT type) developed exclusively for GT-R generated 480 PS (353 kW) / 6,400 rpm, 588 N ・ m (60.0 kgf ・ m) / 3,200-5,200 rpm at the time of its release in 2007.

Nissan GT-R adopts “Year model system” that evolves every year, and the 2017 model is upgraded to 570 PS (419 kW) / 6,800 rpm, 637 N ・ m (65.0 kgf ・ m) / 3,300-5,800 rpm.



◆ About GT500 class of SUPER GT


SUPER GT is an international race certified by FIA which began in 2005 as a successor race to the All Japan GT Championship (JGTC).

Alongside Super Formula, it is the domestic highest-ranking race, various domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers are participating in SUPER GT.


SUPER GT has two different classes, GT500 class and GT300 class.

Since two kinds of machines with different performances run mixedly, intense battle has been occuring in various places of the course.


GT500 unified the regulation of basic parts such as monocoque, damper, rear wing with the German Touring Car Championship (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (abbreviation : DTM) from 2014.

Appearance is approved to adopt the design based on commercially available cars of each manufacturer by applying to GTA.


JAF-GT500 participation vehicle (2018)





The engine is equipped with a 2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder direct injection turbo engine (NRE) that is common with Super Formula in difference with DTM’s 4.0-liter V-type 8-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.

NRE (Nippon Racing Engine) is a new type of engine developed jointly by Toyota, Honda and Nissan, pursuing the ideal of the competition engine for the next generation.


Nissan challenged the 2018 season with the following 4 units of GT-R NISMO GT500.




Driver: Satoshi Motoyama, Katsumasa Chiyo

Director: Masahiro Hasemi

Tire: Michelin



Machine: No.12 Calsonic IMPUL GT-R

Driver: Daiki Sasaki, Jann Mardenborough

Director: Kazuyoshi Hoshino

Tire: Bridgestone


【Team】 NISMO

Machine: No.23 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R

Driver: Tsugio Matsuda, Ronnie Quintarelli

Director: Yutaka Suzuki

Tire: Michelin



Machine: No.24 Forum Engineering ADVAN GT-R

Drivers: Joao Paulo Oliveira, Mitsunori Takaboshi

Director: Masahiko Kondo

Tire: Yokohama Rubber


The 2.0-liter turbo engine for GT-R NISMO GT500 demonstrates almost the same horse power as the 3.8-liter V-type 6-cylinder twin turbo engine for commercially available GT-R.

On the other hand, the weight of the car is overwhelmingly lightly finished as 1,020 kg against 1,765 kg of GT-R.

By the way, the weight of Nissan Skyline equipped with 2.0-liter direct injection turbo engine (200GT-t) has 1,670 kg.



■ Specifications of NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT500

[Overall length] 4,725 mm

[Overall width] 1,950 mm

[Overall height] 1,150 mm

[Vehicle weight] 1,020 kg

[Engine] 2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder direct injection turbo (NR20A type)

[Maximum output] 410.4 kW

[Maximum Torque] 490 Nm

[Driving method] FR