• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

GTO is a 4WD sports car that Mitsubishi Motors produced. It appeared in 1990 as a successor of Mitsubishi Starion.



The above picture is Mitsubishi GTO of die cast miniature car toy “Tomica Premium”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD of Japan on July 16, 2016.

Tomica Premium is a high-detail collection model derived from Tomica of die-cast miniature car, and reproduces the form of actual car as much as possible through the use of new molds.

This Mitsubishi GTO also has been reproduced to details as compared with ordinary Tomica.


In the 1990s when the sales of Mitsubishi GTO began, there were many large sports cars in Japan.

The Z32 type of Nissan Fairlady Z, which is close in specification to the GTO, appeared in 1989.

In the following year, NA1 type of Honda NSX which adopted all aluminum body was released with a big topic.

In addition, the FD3S type of Anfini RX-7 equipped with a rotary engine appeared in 1991, and A80 type of Toyota Supra in 1993.


In 1990 when such a sports car was extremely popular, Mitsubishi launched GTO of the 4WD sports car.

This die cast miniature car toy reproduces the initial release type GTO.

Mitsubishi GTO was conscious of the North American market, and adopted the biggest body size among rivals.

The scale of this miniature car toy is 1/63 which is rather small.

But since the actual GTO was big, its style is very impressive.

It seems that the body color is reproducing the “Passion Red” that was set for the actual GTO.

It was the body color that appeared in CM at the time of release, and it matches dynamic styling of GTO very much.



Tomica premium usually reproduces headlights with clear resin.

However, since the initial type GTO adopted a retractable headlight, this miniature car toy reproduced the headlights by the shape of die casting.

Meanwhile, the front position lamp and fog lamp are reproduced by silver painting.

Also, the blinker is also painted in orange exactly.


In the initial type GTO, there was a black line between the bonnet and the bumper.

This miniature car toy reproduced the characteristic line by black painting.

Also, the opening of the bumper is also painted in black.


At the tip of the bonnet, the Mitsubishi emblem called three diamonds is reproduced by printing.

In addition, GTO adopted the MacPherson strut style front suspension to the Mitsubishi sedan “Diamante” chassis.

For the suspension to protrude, bulges were provided on both sides of the hood of the initial type GTO.

This miniature car toy reproduces the bulge of the hood by the shape of die casting.



The Mitsubishi GTO has a total length of 4555 mm, but the total height is considerably low at 1285 mm.

This die cast miniature car toy faithfully reproduces the body style of GTO and the view from the side is very sporty.


The door part of the actual GTO is decorated a design like a three-dimensional ridge line.

There is an air intake in the side air dam behind the door.

Mitsubishi GTO is based on HSX which was exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1989.

In the 2-seater HSX, the air intake was a duct for brake cooling, but the air intake of GTO is dummy because it arranged the rear seat.

This miniature car toy reproduces the three-dimensional ridge line design of the door part and the air intake by the shape of die-casting.

If the air intake part was painted black, the finish would be more three-dimensional feeling.


The wheels of Tomica Premium are individually manufactured according to the image of the actual car.

This die cast miniature car toy also reproduces the genuine wheel of Mitsubishi GTO precisely.

The five-spoke silver painted wheel is sporty and matches the red body color very well.



Tomica Premium sticks to the finish of the interior.

The sheet of this die cast miniature car toy is painted in gray at the center part and finished in two-tone color.

Also, the triple meter on the center console which is the characteristic part of Mitsubishi GTO’s interior has also been reproduced.

It is faithfully reproduced where they are facing a little towards the driver’s seat.




Unfortunately, this die cast miniature car toy is not using clear resin even in the rear part.

The rear combination lamp and the garnish between the lamps are expressed by painting.

However, the turn signal is in orange color, the stop lamp is in red color, the center garnish is in wine red color, it has realized a moderate finish.

In addition, the letters of GTO is printed in the center of the garnish and back lamps embeded in the garnish are painted in silver.


Under the stop lamp on the left side, the three diamonds emblem and the MMC emblem are reproduced by printing.

In the rear license plate part, the letter of “GTO” is printed on the black ground.

The manufacturer name or the car name is often printed on the rear license plate of Tomica Premium and directs an ornate rear style.

In addition, the louver-like part around the number plate is painted in black like the actual GTO.

Furthermore, the dual mufflers of left and right are also painted in silver.


The rear spoiler of this die cast miniature car toy is a resin molded item.

The shape is rather close to the rear spoiler of the actual GTO.

The color is not so different from the body of the zinc alloy, but it is a pity that the gloss is slightly different.


The scale of this die cast miniature car toy is 1/63, and the actual size of this die cast miniature car toy is about 71mm.

Pseudo suspension which is familiar to sports cars of Tomica, is also set up to this model.





【About actual MITSUBISHI GTO】


GTO is a sports car Mitsubishi Motors produced in the 1990s.

Mitsubishi produced a sports car named “Starion” in the 1980s, and GTO was regarded as its successor model.

However, while Starion was a FR car, GTO appeared as a 4WD sports car.

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32 type), which was revived in 1989, was also changed from a FR car of the previous generation to the 4WD sports car, and there were times when GTO was regarded as a rival of GT-R.


However, Mitsubishi GTO developed with consciousness of the North American market was a GT car which adopted a considerably large and impact body.

From that character, the closest rival at that time may have been the same Nissan’s Fairlady Z (Z32 type).

The Z32 type Fairlady Z is a FR sports car, but like GTO, it is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 engine and was sold from 1989 to 2000.

GTO is sold until 2001 and it can be said that Z32 is just a competitor of the same era.


The sales of GTO began in October 1990.

It was a state-of-the-art sports car at that time which adopted 5-speed MT made by Germany Getrag, active exhaust system which can change the exhaust sound, etc.

Initial GTO adopted the retractable headlight which was the standard of sports car at the time.

The die cast miniature car introduced here is the initial model of Mitsubishi GTO.


The installed 6G72 type engine was 3.0-liter of V-type 6-cylinder and had twin turbo specifications and naturally aspirated specifications.

Twin turbo engine was suppressed to 280 PS / 6000 rpm which was self-regulation of Japan at that time, but it showed an intense torque of 43.5 kg.m / 2500 rpm.

In addition, the twin turbo car was equipped with a variable rear spoiler and an active aero system.


GTO was exported as Mitsubishi 3000GT, mainly in the North American market.

The basic platform of GTO was based on Diamante which was a luxury saloon car.

Therefore, the FF model was also prepared for 3000GT for the North American market.


In addition, Mitsubishi GTO was also sold as Dodge Stealth at Chrysler’s “Dodge” brand.

In order to differentiate it from 3000GT, the front and rear bumpers are different designs, and the shape of the lamps was different.

As with 3000GT, Dodge Stealth also had the 4WD model as well as the FF model.