• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

McLaren Senna is a midship sports car that aims to deliver the ultimate driving experience on the circuit.

McLaren Senna


The above picture is McLaren Senna of die cast miniature car toy “Tomica Premium”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD on July 20, 2019 in Japan.



McLaren Senna front viewThe headlight of McLaren Senna is a separate type consisting of 21 LEDs and its irradiation distance reaches 500m.

This miniature car toy reproduces LED headlights and daytime lights by silver painting.

Tomica Premium usually uses clear resin for the headlight part.

It might not have adopted clear resin due to the complicated shaping of the front part.


The louver parts in the form of staircase installed on both sides of the bumper are painted in orange color according to the actual McLaren Senna.

However, the Gurney flap in front of the louver that induces air to the side body and releases it to the rear wing is not reproduced.



McLaren Senna side viewTomica Premium accurately reproduces the wheel shape of each car.

The wheel design of this miniature car toy is not as powerful as the actual car, but it reproduces the design of a three-dimensional 9-spoke wheel at a reasonable level.


McLaren Senna can optionally install a glass window under the door to increase driver’s visual information on the circuit.

This die cast miniature car neatly reproduces the glass window of the door with clear resin.



McLaren Senna rear viewThe large rear wing attached via a swan-necked strut is a separate-molded product made of PVC.

Although it is made of resin, it does not provide a feeling of strangeness well because it is painted.


The exhaust system of McLaren Senna passes through the lower position of the rear deck.

In addition, the slash-cut muffler with the tip cut obliquely in consideration of aerodynamics is adopted.

This miniature car toy reproduces the characteristic muffler by the shape of die-casting.

However, since it is not painted, there is no atmosphere made of heat-resistant alloy.


The shape of elongated rear light is also reproduced but not painted.

In respect of the honeycomb structure under the rear light, even the shape is not reproduced.

Furthermore, there are no emblems for “McLaren” or “car name (Senna)”.

Even with the regular version of Tomica, the emblems are often reproduced by printing, so it is a fairly disappointing finish.



Although this die cast miniature car reproduces McLaren Senna’s dynamic formative design, the finish of the details is not so sufficient.

The scale is 1/62 and the actual size is about 74mm.

McLaren Senna scale



[About the actual McLaren Senna]


McLaren Senna was announced in 2017 as the McLaren’s first road car with the most emphasis on circuit driving.


There are three series of “Sport” “Super” “Ultimate” in the commercial available model of McLaren, this Senna belongs to the highest class “Ultimate”.

A supercar named after the legendary Formula One driver, the late Ayrton Senna, was developed with the aim of delivering the ultimate driving experience on the circuit.

It was a high-priced car with a price of 750,000 pounds (tax included) also in the UK, but due to limited production of 500 cars, it had been sold out at the same time it was released in Geneva in March 2018.


McLaren Senna is a successor model of P1 released as the company’s “Ultimate” series.

As with P1, the 3rd generation CFRP monocoque cabin “Mono Gauge III” is used at the body, but the roll cage is embedded in the second half, and bonding is also added everywhere.

By Combining with Race Active Chassis Control II (RCC II) of the hydraulic suspension, it is designed for the best performance at the circuit.


P1 was equipped with a hybrid system called Instant Power Assist System (IPAS) which was similar to F1’s KERS.

On the other hand, the power unit of McLaren Senna has achieved an overwhelming power weight ratio of 688 PS per ton only with the M840TR type 4.0-liter V8 twin turbo engine that generates 800 horse power.




■ Specifications of McLaren Senna

[Overall length] 4,744 mm

[Overall width] 1,958 mm

[Overall height] 1,229 mm

[Wheel base] 2670 mm

[Driving method] MR

[Transmission] 7-speed DCT

[Engine] 4.0-liter V-type 8-cylinder DOHC twin turbo

[Maximum output] 597 kW (800 PS) / 7250 rpm

[Maximum torque] 81.6 kgm (800 Nm) / 5500-6700 rpm