• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

Honda S2000 is an open 2-seater sports car of FR (Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout).



The above picture is S2000 of die cast miniature car toy “Tomica Premium”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD of Japan on July 16, 2016.


Tomica is a popular die cast miniature car ranging from children to adults due to its high finish in spite of the low price of 450 yen.

Tomica Premium is a high-detail collection model derived from Tomica, and reproduces the realities as much as possible through the use of new molds.

This die cast miniature car of Honda S2000 TYPE S has also been reproduced to details as compared to ordinary Tomica.



S2000 is a sports car which was announced in 1998 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and was sold in 1999.

As an additional model, Honda S2000 TYPE S was released in 2007.

The bumper of TYPE S is equipped with a front spoiler with a large overhang.

This die cast miniature car toy accurately reproduces the right and left overhangs which generate force in the direction to push the body against the road surface at high speed driving.

As the left and right overhangs are painted in black, the atmosphere of the actual car further increases.


Headlights are reproduced by clear resin and H mark of Honda is expressed by printing.

Furthermore, the nozzle opening of the washer fluid on the bonnet and the gentle bulge around the headlights are reproduced by the shape of die casting.

The front part has become a high finish unique to Tomica Premium.



Pseudo suspension which is familiar to sports cars of Tomica, is also set up to this model.

Also, some of Tomica have gimmicks such as opening doors and bonnets.

Unfortunately, this miniature car toy is only with open style and can’t close soft top.

However, there may be no way to reproduce the beautiful side style like this sports car.


Beside the side turn signal lamp, the black emblem of S2000 is represented by printing.

Moreover, this die cast miniature car toy reproduces the aluminum wheels of five spokes sterically.

This aluminum wheels are painted on “Kaiser Silver Metallic” of TYPE S exclusive color.



Honda S2000 TYPE S had exclusive fabric sheets and interiors of Black & Yellow.

As this miniature car is Tomica Premium, it also accurately reproduces two-tone color sheets.

Since the interior of the open car seems well, the visual effect of this coloring is very high.

In addition, TYPE S was equipped with the dedicated aluminum shift knob.

This die cast miniature car expresses this dedicated shift knob by painting in silver.

Also, the soft top cover part is expressed in matte black and the feeling of texture increases.

As S2000 is an open car, the interior of this miniature car toy is made very precisely up to the details.



Honda S2000 TYPE S is equipped with the exclusive large rear spoiler.

The center part is raised so as to obtain sufficient effect at the time of  both the open style and the closing style.

This die cast miniature car accurately reproduces the shape of the characteristic large spoiler which is the symbol of TYPE S.

The high mount stop lamp part under it is represented by painting in black, and H mark of Honda on the rear trunk and the TYPE S emblem are reproduced by printing.

In addition, the oval type finisher of twin muffler is painted in silver.

The accumulation of these detailed representations reproduces the cool rear style of the actual S2000.


The rear combination lamp of Honda S2000 is covered with the clear lens, in which the back lamp, the turn indicator lamp, the stop lamp are built.

This die-cast miniature car toy reproduces the rear combination lamp by circular printing of red, yellow, silver color on the black background.

The finish of this printing is good, but if it was covered with clear resin, I think that the atmosphere of the actual car has further increased.

In addition, HONDA characters are printed on the rear license plate part.

The name of the manufacturer or the car name is often printed on the rear license plate of Tomica Premium, and it directs a brilliant rear style.


The scale of this die cast miniature car toy is 1/58 and the actual size is about 69mm.





【About actual HONDA S2000】


Honda S2000 is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout sports car sold in 1999.

It was developed based on “SSM” of the open sports concept car exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995 and was announced in 1998 as a memorial 50th anniversary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.’s founding.

For Honda, S2000 was a FR car sold for the first time in 29 years since the production of Honda S800 was over.


S2000 was equipped with a 2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder DOHC VTEC engine (F20C type) same as the car name.

The F20C type was a high revolution type engine with an allowable revolution speed of 9,000 rpm and generated 250 PS / 8, 300 rpm, 22.2 kgf · m / 7,500 rpm.

Honda changed to an F22C type engine that expanded its displacement to 2.2 liters in North America in 2004 (in 2005 in Japan).

F22C type engine generated 242 PS / 7,800 rpm, 22.50 kgf · m / 6,500 – 7,500 rpm, and the allowable revolution speed was reduced to 8,000 rpm.

Although the maximum output decreased by 8 PS, the torque in the usual range increased and the ease of driving improved.

Honda S2000 has finished production without full model change.

The car equipped with F20C engine is called AP1 type, the car equipped with F22C engine is called AP2 type.


S2000 was developed with the goal that the chassis performance always exceeds the engine power.

The body rigidity was dramatically increased by “high X bone frame structure” connecting the floor tunnel of the closed cross section and the front and rear side members horizontally in X shape.

Honda S2000 also succeeded in setting the front and rear weight balance to 50: 50 by placing the engine behind the front axle.

Furthermore, Honda’s traditional four wheel double wishbone suspension achieved weight saving and compactness by adopting an in-wheel type.

By the body rigidity exceeding the common sense of open cars and the weight balance of 50:50, S2000 gained high driving performance equal to or higher than that of the closed body.


The Honda S2000 was minor changed in 2007 and VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) that stabilizes the vehicle against unexpected behavior disturbance was standard equipped on all models.

In addition, S2000 TYPE S equipped with dedicated aero parts and suspension was added.

The large spoiler mounted on the front and rear gains high handling stability and the suspension is set in a direction that emphasizes turning performance.

As a result, TYPE S acquired a sharply turning performance at the medium and low speed corners while maintaining stability at high speed running.


[HONDA S2000 price]


◆2.0-liter engine equipped model (AP1 type) released in April 1999

HONDA S2000: 3,380,000 yen

HONDA S2000 TYPE V: 3,560,000 yen


◆2.2-liter engine equipped model (AP2 type) released in November 2005

HONDA S2000: 3,680,000 yen

HONDA S2000 TYPE S: 3,800,000 yen