• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

Honda NSX type R is a pure sports model developed based on the sports car NSX released by Honda in 1990, incorporating the lightweight technology and the tuning theory of the racing car.



The above picture is NST type R of die cast miniature car toy “Tomica Premium”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD of Japan on January 21, 2017.


Tomica is a die cast miniature car toy that is popular from children to adults in Japan.

Tomica Premium is a high-detail die cast miniature car derived from Tomica, which pursues realities as much as possible through the use of new molds.

This die cast miniature car toy has also reproduced details as compared to ordinary Tomica.


The body color of this miniature car is “Championship White” that is the exclusive color of actual NSX type R.

Pseudo suspension which is familiar to sports cars of Tomica, is also set up to this model.


The scale is 1/60, the actual size is about 72mm.





[Front view]

Tomica premium often reproduces the front light with clear resin.

However, since NSX type R adopted retractable headlight, this miniature car reproduced the headlight with a line at the time of die cast molding.

Also, the winker lenses are represented by silver painting and the front view is very real.

The red Honda emblem exclusive for type R is also clearly reproduced.




[Aluminum wheels]

Tomica Premium is reproducing the shape and color of the aluminum wheel well.

Honda NSX type R is equipped with dedicated ultra lightweight aluminum wheel made by ENKEI, and this die cast miniature car also reproduces this aliminum wheel.

Since aluminum wheels are painted Ivory White, there is a sense of unity with the body color.




[Sports seat]

Actual NSX type R is equipped with ultra lightweight full bucket seat jointly developed with RECARO.

Even in this die cast miniature car toy, red RECARO seat is reproduced firmly.

Considering from this size, I think it is made very precisely.




[Rear view]

Stop lamp integrated red garnish is reproduced with clear resin.

That makes the rear style of this miniature car toy very impressive.

Black Honda emblem and back lamp are reproduced on this garnish.

In addition, although it is a fine part, the muffler that is devided left and right is painted on silver.

NSX letters are also printed on license plate.

Due to pursuit of these small parts, this die cast miniature car toy looks very real.






【About actual HONDA NSX】



◆HONDA NSX (The 1st generation) 1990-2006   (NSX TYPE R 1992-1995)


Honda NSX (The 1st generation) is 2 seater sports car released in 1990.

It was manufactured and sold without full model change over the long 16 years until the end of January 2006, and was responsible for flagship in Honda.

The initial price of NSX (5MT specification) was 8 million yen (AT specification was 600,000 yen high) and it was the maximum price of Japanese car at the time.


Honda has returned to Formula 1 from 1983 and the development of NSX has started aiming for a world-class car.

For that reason, NSX was developed with the aim of running performance exceeding Ferrari328 and drivers of F1 team which had Honda engine, such as Ayrton Senna and Satoru Nakajima, was participating in the driving test.


NSX adopted “all aluminum monocoque body” that was for the first time in commercially available cars at that time.

Moreover, by adopting the front window with the canopy of the F-16 fighter as a motif, NSX secured an excellent field of vision compared with the conventional supercars.

Actually, the horizontal view from the driver’s seat was 311.8 degrees.


Initially, NSX was equipped with 3.0-liter V6 DOHC VTEC engine (C30A type).

The C30A type engine demonstrated 280 PS / 7, 300 rpm, 30 kgf · m / 5, 400 rpm in 5 MT specifications.

A minor change was made in February 1997 and it was changed to 3.2-liter V6 DOHC VTEC engine (C32B type) that conformed to Japan’s 2000 exhaust emission regulation.

The C32B type engine demonstrated 280 PS / 7, 300 rpm, 31 kgf · m / 5, 300 rpm.

Honda NSX installed this engine behind the driver’s seat and adopted MR (Mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout).



◇ Honda NSX type R 1992-1995


In November 1992, two years after the launch of NSX, Honda added NSX type R.

NSX Type R is a pure sports model that thoroughly pursues running pleasure and further improves exercise performance.

Type R was made for Japanese market and was sold for limited 3 years.


Although the engine is the same C30A type as the normal NSX, the final gear ratio has been changed from 4.062 to 4.235.

Besides, by adopting the same tune-up method as the racing engine, it realizes smooth and powerful acceleration feeling.

In addition to originally lightweight all-aluminum body, NSX type R reduced weight about 120 kg by reducing parts of sound insulation materials, vibration damping materials and some comfort equipments.

As a result, NSX Type R became a sports car that can enjoy sports driving even more at circuits etc.


In appearance, the super lightweight aluminum wheel made by ENKEI and the red Honda emblem were proof of Type R.

The body color of NSX type R was ivory white color, “Championship White” that reminded the 1965 Honda F1 first winning machine.


Interior was also equipped with exclusive items such as super lightweight full bucket seat jointly developed with RECARO, Germany and lightweight steering wheel made by MOMO, Italy.


NSX type R was sold for 9.71 million yen only with 5 MT specifications.

Comfort equipments were omitted for thorough weight reduction, auto air conditioner and BOSE sound system were set as option of 300,000 yen.

Also, carbon panel (for console and door) of TENDO CO., LTD. was set as option of 800,000 yen.



◆HONDA NSX (2nd generation) 2016-present


The second generation Honda NSX is a hybrid sports car consisting of the combination of 3.5-liter V6 DOHC twin turbo engine and three motors and sales began in 2016 (February 27, 2017 in Japan).


The V6 twin turbo engine generates 507 PS / 6,500 rpm – 7,500 rpm, 56.1 kgm / 2,000 rpm – 6,000 rpm.

On the other hand, three motors consist of twin motor units that freely control the torque of front wheels and direct drive motor that assists the driving of rear wheels.

Twin motor units generate 37PS / 4,000 rpm and direct drive motor genarates 48 PS / 3,000 rpm.


The selling price of the second generation Honda NSX that adopted original mechanism “SPORT HYBRID SH-AWD” is 21,944,445 yen in Japan.