• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

Honda Civic Type R is Japanese light weight sports car.



The above picture is Honda Civic Type R of die cast miniature car toy “Tomica”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD of Japan on July 16, 2016.



Pseudo suspension which is familiar to sports cars of Tomica, is also set up to this model.

Also, some of Tomica have gimmicks such as opening doors and bonnet.

This die cast miniature car toy of Civic Type R can open the bonnet.

Honda’s Type R series adopts the red engine cover.

This miniature car toy reproduces the engine cover of Type R with red paint.

However, the representation of the engine itself is not so fascinating.

It is a level that you can somehow recognize that it is the engine of Type R.


The red Honda emblem that is a proof of Type R is expressed by printing on the front grill.

However, the Type R emblem and fog lamps are not reproduced in this miniature car toy.

The sharply shaped LED front light is expressed in silver paint.

In addition, actual Civic Type R is equipped with the front lip spoiler painted on Berliner Black.

This miniature car also reproduces the wide feeling of lip spoiler with glossy black paint.



The rear garnish is expressed in black paint, and the red Honda emblem is reproduced by printing.

In addition, the Civic emblem and the Type R emblem have been reproduced by printing.

Compared to the front part, the fine finish of the rear part of this miniature car is pretty well.

However, the rear combination lamp is expressed in red paint and the turn signal lamp part is not reproduced.

Also, the rear glass is expressed in black paint and clear resin is not used.


This die cast miniature car toy also reproduces the large rear spoiler that generates powerful downforce.

The carbon part of the rear spoiler is represented by black resin parts, and the shape is quite similar to the spoiler attached to actual Civic Type R.

In addition, the rear diffuser portion and the twin and dual exhaust pipe part are reproducing the powerful shape of the actual car in an acceptable level.



Actual Civic Type R is equipped with 235 / 35ZR19 91Y wide and large diameter high grip tire and dedicated black aluminum wheel with red line.

Tomica Premium, a high-grade version of Tomica, also reproduces the shape and color of the wheels.

On the other hand, Tomica, a die cast miniature car toy that can be purchased at 450 yen, is equipped with simple wheels of the same shape.

However, this Tomica’s wheels are the same shape but have a red line.

Only by this, the presence of wheels is increasing considerably.

Also, although the rear glass was expressed in black paint, clear resin is used for the side and rear quarter glass.

Therefore, I think that the side view of this miniature car is pretty good compared to other Tomica.


The scale is 1/64, and the actual size of this die cast miniature car toy is about 70mm.

Although the interior of actual Civic Type R is a two-tone of black and red, unfortunately the interior of Tomica has become a black color finish.





【About actual HONDA CIVIC TYPE R】


◆The 1st generation CIVIC TYPE R (EK9 type) 1997-2000


The 1st generation Honda Civic Type R (EK9 type) was developed based on the 6th generation Civic and was released in 1997.


Type R is the highest grade of the sports model set to Honda vehicles.

In the 6th generation Civic, there was a sports grade called Si-R which mounted a DOHC VTEC engine, but Type R was added as a model with further enhanced power performance.


The 1.6-liter DOHC VTEC “B16B type” engine dedicated to Civic Type R generated 185 PS / 8, 200 rpm, 16.3 kgf · m / 7,500 rpm.

As well as other Type R, such as Honda Integra, thorough weight saving is carried out, and a steering made by MOMO company and a red semi-bucket seat made by RECARO company were adopted in the interior.



◆The 2nd generation CIVIC TYPE R (EP3 type) 2001-2005


The 2nd generation Civic Type R (EP3 type) was developed based on the European specification Civic 3 door and manufactured at the Swindon plant in the United Kingdom.

In Japan, sales began in December 2001.

EP3 type Civic Type R was equipped with the 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC “K20A type” engine that generated 215 PS / 8,000 rpm, 20.6 kgf · m / 7,000 rpm.



◆The 3rd generation CIVIC TYPE R of Japan specification (FD2 type) 2007-2010


For the 3rd generation Civic Type R, there were a Japan specification (FD2 type) and a Europe specification (FN2 type) made in the United Kingdom.


Civic Type R (FD2 type) of Japan specification was developed based on the 8th generation Civic and was released in March 2007.

It appeared as type R of 4-door sedan for the first time in six years since the production end of Honda Integra Type R.


Although the engine was 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC “K20A type” same as the 2nd generation, it generated 165 kW (225 PS) / 8,000 rpm, 215 N · m (21.9 kgf · m) / 6,100rpm due to review of intake and exhaust system.

Until now, Civic Type R adopted the RECARO sheet, but FD 2 Type R adopted the Honda original Rspec seat.



◆The 3rd generation CIVIC TYPE R of Europe specification (FN2 type) 2007-2012


Civic Type R (FN2 type) of Europe specification was developed based on the 3rd generation Europe Civic and was released in 2007.

Unlike Japan specification, Type R of Europe specification was a 3 door hatchback same as the predecessor.

Although the K20A type engine same as Japan specification was installed, the output slightly suppressed to 148 kW (201 PS) / 7,800 rpm, 193 N · m (19.7 kgf · m) / 5,600 rpm.


The FN2 type Civic Type R was imported into Japan as “CIVIC TYPE R EURO” and sold as limited units.

It was sold for 2,010 units in 2009 and 1,500 units in 2010, and finished selling in 2016.

The price was 2,857,143 yen, about 150,000 yen higher than Japan specification.



◆The 4th generation CIVIC TYPE R (FK2 type) 2015-2016


The 4th generation Civic Type R (FK2 type) was developed with the aim of the fastest FF car in Nürburgring Germany.

In March 2015, FK2 type Civic Type R measured lap time at the Nürburgring North course and recorded 7 minutes 50 seconds 63.

About 4 seconds faster than the record of Renault Megane R.S.275 Trophy R, FK2 type Civic Type R updated the fastest time in mass production FF cars at that time.


The die cast miniature car introduced on this page is this FK2 type Civic Type R.

FK2 type Civic Type R is based on a 5 door hatchback which is Europe specification of the 9th generation Civic (FB type).


Instead of conventional naturally aspirated engines, FK2 type Civic Type R is equipped with “K20C type” turbo engine.

A small mono scroll turbo and a continuously variable valve timing control mechanism are adopted to increase output and response.

K20C type engine which thoroughly pursued combustion technology and cooling performance generated 228 kW (310 PS) / 6,500 rpm, 400 N · m (40.8 kgf · m) / 2,500 rpm – 4,500 rpm.


The FK2 type Civic Type R has designed exclusively for almost all of the chassis such as suspension, brake, tire, etc. in order to reliably transmit power greatly upgraded by turbo conversion to the road surface.

The shock absorber adopts “Adaptive damper system” which controls the damping force by the electromagnetic coil inside the piston.

The front suspension adopts “Dual axis strut type” which has a steering axis and an input axis from the road surface, and considerably reduces torque steering.


In Japan, request for purchasing FK2 type Civic Type R was made on October 2015 on Honda’s exclusive website.

Sales units were limited to 750 (550 units for Championship white and 200 units for Crystal black pearl).