• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

GLM Tommykaira ZZ is an EV of the open sports car that adopted MR (Midship-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout), and it is on sale from 2013.

GLM Tommykaira ZZ


The above picture is GLM Tommykaira ZZ of die cast miniature car toy “Tomica No.106” which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD of Japan on March 21 2015.

The headlight of this die cast miniature car toy is expressed in silver paint.

The opening of the front bumper is reproduced by the shape of the die-casting and it is painted in black.

The opening of the actual Tommykaira ZZ is mesh finish, but this miniature car toy has not reproduced it.



The black stripe enters from the front hood to the bumper, and the emblem of Tommykaira is printed on it.

The emblem of Tommykaira images a turtle, and this is derived from a fairy tale “rabbit and turtle”.

Mr. Yoshikazu Tomita, the founder of Tomita Yume factory which produced the original Tommykaira ZZ, entrusted ZZ with the dream of overtaking a major automakers someday, and designed the emblem.

The emblem of this die cast miniature car toy is highly accurate, I can recognize the shape of the golden turtle and each red shell one by one.



The front and rear fender part of GLM Tommykaira ZZ exceeds 1700 mm.

On the other hand, since the front window part is less than 1400 mm, the body protrudes from the center greatly.

If you look at this miniature car toy from the side, you can see well that Tommykaira ZZ’s glamorous body line is faithfully reproduced by the shape of die-casting.


Also, Tommykaira ZZ is a pure sports car called “Racing car running on public road”, the side windows are omitted as well as the roof.

Therefore, the door knob is provided only inside.

Naturally, there is no door knob also in the outside of this miniature car toy.

Meanwhile, the large side air intake unique to the midship car is faithfully reproduced by the shape of die-casting.



Round type two light rear combination lamp of Tommykaira ZZ has a stop lamp in the periphery, a stop lamp in the center of the outer lamp, and a back lamp in the center of the inner lamp.

This die cast miniature car toy reproduces the sporty rear combination lamp three-dimensionally by the shape of die-casting.

Rear combination lamp is all painted in red and stop lamps and back lamps are not expressed.

Also, since the paint is only on the surface and the side part of yellow is visible, the finish level is not so high (though it is fairly good feeling when seen from a distance…..).


This die cast miniature car toy reproduces the emblem of Tommykaira ZZ next to the right rear combination lamp by printing.

The letters of Tommykaira is a bit crushed, but the red letters of ZZ is printed accurately.


It reproduces the sporty engine hood of Tommykaira ZZ by the shape of die-casting.

The rear air outlet is also properly reproduced, but the upper high mount stop lamp part is not painted in red.


The scale of this die cast miniature car toy is 1/61, and the actual size is about 62mm.

Pseudo suspension which is familiar to sports cars of Tomica, is also set up to this model.

GLM Tommykaira ZZ SCALE



【About actual Tommykaira ZZ】


Tommykaira is the brand name of the tuning car that Tomita Yume factory of the car manufacturer was manufacturing and selling.

It was named after combining the names of president Tomita, who founded the Tomita Dream Factory in Kyoto Prefecture, and vice president Kaira.

These two men had continued to have the dream of making their own original cars and the car that they realized was Tommykaira ZZ.

When their dream came true, they became old men.

Old man is called “Zi” in Japan.

So, two old men decided to name their dream car to “Tommykaira ZZ”.



◆ Tommykaira ZZ 1997-1999


Tommykaira ZZ was announced in 1995 and sales began in 1997.

The body with FRP cowl attached to the aluminum bathtub frame scraped off the parts not directly related to run, such as the roof, the side window, the air conditioner, and was only 710 kg.


Tommykaira ZZ was equipped with the improved version of SR20DE engine for Nissan Silvia, Primera, etc. in the midship.

The engine changed from electronically controlled fuel injection device to FCR carburetor of Keihin generated 180 PS / 6,900 rpm, 19.6 kg / 4,900 rpm.


At that time Tommykaira ZZ was produced in the UK, was imported back to Japan and sold.

However, it was unable to respond to the new security standards for imported cars, after 206 cars were delivered to the domestic market, it was discontinued.



◆ Tommykaira ZZ EV 2013 – present


After discontinuation of Tommykaira ZZ sales, development of Tommykaira ZZ II equipped with the RB27DETT engine which was based on the RB26DETT engine for Nissan Skyline GT-R was also conducted.

But Tommykaira ZZ II has not still been commercialized.


Meanwhile, Green Load Motors (now: GLM) of the venture company in Kyoto Prefecture, took over the Tommykaira brand as a car manufacturing business in 2010.

After that, GLM released Tomi Kailla ZZ of electric vehicle in 2013 and began sales in 2014.


Inherited the intention of the original ZZ, the new Tommykaira ZZ EV also has FRP cowl mounted on the light weight frame.

On the other hand, the high-power motor boasting a maximum output of 225 kW (305 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 415 N · m (42.3 kg · m) is adopted as the power unit and it is mounted on the mid-ship.

The drive system is the single gear utilizing the torque characteristics of the motor and Tommykaira ZZ EV seamlessly accelerates to the maximum speed.