• Introduction of Japanese die cast miniature car toy, Tomica

Abarth 124 spider is an Italian light weight two-seater open car.



The above picture is Abarth 124 spider of die cast miniature car toy “Tomica No.21”, which was released by TOMY COMPANY,LTD of Japan on April 15, 2017.


Pseudo suspension which is familiar to sports cars of Tomica, is also set up to this model.
Also, it is very rare in Tomica, but upper soft top can be detached.
The color is Heritage Look prepared for the actual Abarth 124 spider.


Heritage Look is an option color that imagined anti-glare treatment that was given to the former “Abarth 124 Spider Rally”.
Engine hood, trunk lid and rear spoiler are decorated in mat black.
By the way, Heritage Look takes 356,000 yen for paint finish and 214,000 yen for lapping finish in Japan.


While Tomica is a die cast miniature car model, it is originally a toy for children, so texture is not so high.
However, this Tomica № 21, Abarth 124 spider is painted by white metallic color and the black part of Heritage Look is matte finish.
The color finish of this die cast miniature car toy is pretty well.


I think it is wonderful to be able to detach the soft top.
The state of removing soft top looks like sporty and is very cool.


ABARTH 124 SPIDER interiorAlthough the interior looks better in the open state, it reproduces to a fairly fine part.
The handle position of this Tomica is on the left, it seems to be European specification (Japanese specification is right steering wheel).
It is a high finish exceeding the standard of die cast miniature car toy for children.





The scale is 1/57, and the actual size of this die cast miniature car toy is about 7.1 cm.



[Front view]
Abarth’s scorpion emblem of engine hood is beautifully finished by printing.
In addition, an optional red air dam cover is reproduced.



ABARTH 124 SPIDER rear view[Rear view]
Like the front, Abarth’s scorpion emblem is precisely reproduced.
Moreover, the high mount stop lamp of the trunk and the 124 spider logo are reproduced.
It is not unusual for Tomica Premium to further reproduce details.
However, it is rare to reproduce rear logo to Tomica that is a reasonable miniature car toy.
In addition, this die cast miniature car toy also reproduces the impressive four pipe exhaust muffler of Abarth 124 spider.




In addition, Tommy Company launched the rally version of Abarth 124 spider (124 rally) as the first time limited edition.


This die cast miniature car toy of initial limited edition adopts the coloring of 124 rally versions (Abarth 124 rally) accredited in the FIA R-GT category.
It is a brilliant two-tone color of red and yellow, and has a charm different from the Heritage Look of the regular version 124 Spider.








【About actual Abarth 124 spider】


Fiat, a major Italian car manufacturer, signed a contract to partner with Japanese car manufacturer, Mazda in 2013.
And Fiat announced the Fiat 124 spider of the 2 door open car made on the basis of the Mazda Roadster in 2015.
Abarth & C. S.p.a. tuned Fiat 124 spider and sold as Abarth 124 spider.


Abarth was an automobile manufacturer founded in Turin, Italy in 1949, mainly participating in car competitions at Fiat cars and selling remodeled cars.
Abarth was acquired by Fiat in 1971, but in 2007 the Abarth & C. S.p.a. is reviving in the reorganization of the Fiat group.


Abarth regards Fiat Abarth 124 rally as the first Abarth 124 spider.
Fiat Abarth 124 rally was the based vehicle for WRC (World Rally Championship) and was developed in 1972.
Therefore, Abarth 124 spider of Tomica No.21 that we cover here is the second generation model.


The Abarth 124 spider has been on sale in Japan since 2016, the 6-speed MT specification is 3,600,000 yen, the 6-speed AT specification is 3,700,000 yen.
The price at the time of launch of Mazda Roadster was 2,310,000 yen for the basic S grade and 2,960,000 yen for the RS grade that was equipped with sports parts (both are 6-speed MT specifications).


Abarth 124 spider and Mazda Roadster have the same car body, but the exterior is quite different.
While Mazda Roadster is a light style like a lightweight sports car, Abarth 124 spider adopts a volume sense design.
As for the total length, Abarth 124 spider is about 140 mm longer than Mazda Roadster.


Comparing the two die-cast miniature cars, the body line is quite different.
Abarth 124 spider looks like one size larger.
At first glance, I do not know that these two cars are using the same car body.


The biggest difference between two cars is the engine.
Whereas Mazda Roadster is equipped with 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine that generates 131 ps (96 kW) / 7,000 rpm, 15.3 kgf · m (150 N · m) / 4,800 rpm,
Abarth 124 spider is equipped with 1.4-liter turbo engine that generates 170 ps (125 kW) / 5,500 rpm, 25.5 kgf · m (250 N · m) / 4,800 rpm.




■ Specifications of ABARTH 124 spider

[Overall length] 4,060mm
[Overall width] 1,740mm
[Overall height] 1,240 mm
[Wheel base] 2,310mm
[Vehicle weight] 1,130kg (6-speed MT), 1,150kg (6-speed AT)
[Drive method] FR
[Engine] 1.4-liter inline 4-cylinder DOHC turbo
[Maximum output] 170ps (125kW) / 5,500rpm
[Maximum torque] 25.5kgm (250Nm) / 2,500rpm